Payment Rant... Cash with no info >_<#

Ok I have to rant. I got a bubble mailer in the mail the other day and ever since I have been trying to figure out who sent this payment. Why is it that when I am asked to accept a CASH payment I usually end up with a HUGE headache. Let me make this clear I can't stress enough that I hate dealing with CASH transactions BECAUSE of the following ... I ask that there be the following info inside package...

* What items are being bought and if it's from LJ, site, or e-crater.
* Shipping option that was purchased for these items
* Address for shipping the items to the buyer.

Does this really seem like a lot to ask?? It's like no one has the time to do this but yet they want me, the seller, wasting my spare time looking for a needle in a haystack. Well I really hate to be rude but I really do not have time to sit there and piece together who the heck this is for. I have a life and a family to deal with. I mean how hard is it to list this info? It really should not be this hard.  I just recieved a bubble mailer with cash and a spare envelope with a forever stamp on it and a request to mail it back in that envelope. There is no listing of what is being bought. No return address on EITHER of the envelopes or anything! Argggggh!

Looks like whoever sent the money is going to be waiting a while until I have time to figure out who this payment belongs to. I really hate it when people can't follow through with what I have asked of them. I am not really asking for much just common courtsy of adding in the info or printing out and sticking inside what the items and shipping info is with their address.

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I am down to the last single item on many of my current items! Get them while you can!

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Hysterectomy Blues ...... Surgery Tomorrow

Well it's finally happening. Tomorrow as a matter of fact. So anyone trying to get me for chat, orders, questions, ect I am not going to be online for at least a couple days. I am going to the hospital for this surgery tomorrow afternoon and I will be released as long as there are no complications on Friday. The weekend is a toss up since I just don't know how I am feeling. Orders are as always welcome but there will be a delay in replying to much of anything between now and for sure friday evening Sat am.

Please be patient and wait for any replies. They will come I just need to see how the body feels after this surgery.


Furoku, Zen-in Pre Holiday sale!! Shitajiki too!

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Sailor Moon Nakayosi 40th Anniversery Shitajiki came in!! Whoot!

I have been looking for this shitajiki for what seems like forever! Not many places "had" it (older galleries ect) and when they did the pics were just way too small. But it's awesome! Mine is in MINT pristine condition, standard shitajiki size, and very limited to 250 made. Back is inside cut!

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