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26 November 2014 @ 12:18 pm
Shitajiki BLOW OUT SALE!! (Pencil Boards)  
white_tree_03s 374573_NDVCDTSEFYKNQYX
Let the Blow out begin!!

These Shijiki are 3 for $12 + Shipping!!
#2 & #4 El Hazard **SOLD OUT**
4, 5, 6 Inuyasha **SOLD OUT**
#16, 17 -> Mammotte S are **SOLD OUT**
21 Pretear **SOLD OUT**
#27  **SOLD OUT**
39 **SOLD OUT**
51 One Piece **SOLD OUT**
56 Captain Tylor **SOLD OUT**
64, 65 Hunter X Hunter **SOLD OUT**

These Shitaiki (below) are 3 for $18 + shipping
#10 Trigon **SOLD OUT**


#45 Chrono Crusade **SOLD OUT**


These Shitajiki (below) are 3 for $25

~ Oversized, NFS, RARE/HTF & Promo Shitajiki
(Counting Left to right, each shitajiki)
1) Misc series Bunnie Girl & 2) Raspberry Promo (w/postcards) - $20 each
3) Teppen Boy - $12
4) K-books - $20
5) Full Metal Alchemist Mag promo - $15
6) NekoNeko Software promo dbl sided - $20
7)1999 Toybox promo from cocktail soft - $20
8) Tenchi-Muyo - $20
9) Violinist of Hamelin promo -$20
10) AIC Tenchi Muyo (NFS??) promo - $20
11) Doujin Super Robot Wars - $15
12) Technos Japan Corp NFS promo - $20
13) Ah My Goddess - $16
14) & 15) Full Metal Alchemist NOT FOR SALE PROMO's - $30 each

~ Oversized, NFS, RARE/HTF & Promo Shitajiki
(Counting Left to right, each shitajiki)
1) Raspberry Only You II & Oujisama Level One - $35
2) Raspberry Water Summer Promo - $35
3) Princess Yuci - $15
4) K-Books Promo - $40
5) Chii NFS Promo - $Best Offer!
6) Double sided Promo: Rothsman Workstation & Chronolog Presents 2003 origional (Vampire w/ nun) $40
7) Kao no Nai Tsuki (Comiket 60 Limited Edition) $Best Offer
8) Prince of Tennis 3D shitajiki - $20
9) Sakura & DA Black 2003 Promo $40
10) Angel Sanctuary & Tsukigi Ran / Carried by the Wind - Not For Sale Promo - (signed!!) $45
11) Orphen & Other series Playstation 2 Promo clear file (same size as US files) - $20

~ Mini Shitajiki, Plate post card sets
CCS, Gentleman's Alliance, & Battle Girl $5 each

Gash Bell Mini Shitajiki plate set $40

One Piece Clear mini shitajiki plate set $45

Odd & Misc series Mini shitajiki ... Left to right
~ Summon Knight Doujin 1 & 2 - $8 each
~ P-Chick Hiyoko Hinakawa 2004 Doujin Calendar/shitajiki mini 1 & 2 (complete) $10 each
~ Hunter X Hunter mini (manga art backdrop design) $8 each
~ Clear "Love Hits" shitajiki $5 each

Gundam Seed mini shitajiki/ plate set (complete) $45

Inu Yasha mini shitajiki/ plate set $45 (complete)

Full Metal Alchemist Mini shitajiki $5 each

Full Metal Alchemist foil mini shitajiki $7.00 each

Spiral Mini shitajiki set (Complete) $25
Saiyuki mini shitajiki set (Complete) $20


(Anonymous) on January 14th, 2015 10:12 am (UTC)
Want to purchase shitajiki
Hi, I can't believe I didn't see your sale until now. It appears everything is still available. I want to order 21 shitajiki from your 3 for $12 list. Since the list is not numbered, I have given numbers to each picture starting with 1 and ending with 66 in the 3 for $12 section. I will identify the number and the shitajiki name. I hope you will be able to determine which ones I am purchasing from this. We can work on another ID system if you need it.
2-Galaxy Angel
3-El Hazard
12-Martian Successor Nadesico
19-Mamotte Shugogetten!
20-Mamotte Shugogetten!
27-Unknown Name
38-Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
39-Alice 19th
51-One Piece
53-Irresponsible Captain Tylor
54-One Piece
58-Lost Universe
59-Infinite Ryvius
62-Hyper Police
64-Hunter x Hunter
65-Hunter x Hunter
I have only 1 shitajiki I would like from the 3 for $18 section. Are you willing to sell just one for $6?
If yes, I would like the Sister Princess that has 12 girls pictured on it.

Please let me know if everything is available and the shipping charge to zip code 95682. I will send a Paypal payment as soon as we can work out the details. Thank you very much.
jelenityjelenity on January 14th, 2015 09:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Want to purchase shitajiki
Hello there!


The message/ reply will NOT get to your email. My post will show as to no one and as such no notification will be sent to you to notify you there was a reply. So hopefully you will stumble by when you realize I should have replied and realized there is no way for me to "Notify you" of anything since you aren't logged in.

Thank you for writing! I am so sorry you had a bit of a wait. I had thought I was going to be online this am but that didn't work out very well. I need to see which bin this is in since I was working out of 1 specific location. From there I can pull and double check for you on shipping combined. I am fairly certain that these can be mailed by Priority mail bubble mailer for $6.

Aside from that if you have a board code/series list of your wanted shitajiki, a picture list of the wanted shitajiki I can cross those to the other boards that are part of this sale as well and see what else we can get for your collection. My friend sent me about 300 boards to place on a low 3 for $ listing but all I was able to get to was the 1 box so far.

And yes You don't have to buy 3 of any of them. I can for the 3 for $18 just charge you $6 each for any singles you see.

Please do let me know if you have any questions...


Edited at 2015-01-14 09:34 pm (UTC)
jelenityjelenity on January 15th, 2015 05:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Want to purchase shitajiki
Hey Question... I am so confused...?? Please check the numbering on these again for me. I tried to update the post and LJ messed up somewhere so it may have thrown the numbers off but I know for sure I have all the boards correct for you except these (below)...

58-Lost Universe
59-Infinite Ryvius
62-Hyper Police
64-Hunter x Hunter
65-Hunter x Hunter

According to my pics ...
#58 is Sukysio
#59 is Hyper Police
#62 is Hunter X Hunter
#64 & 65 hunter X Hunter

collector_scott on January 15th, 2015 09:48 am (UTC)
Purchase request
Hi Jenny, sorry about my confusion about needing to create an account first before making an inquiry. I figured it out right after I left the message and then went and created one. I've been collection shitajiki for a few years and have managed to accumulate approximately 1500 so far. I just purchase what I see and like so I actually don't have a want list that I can give you but I will be extremely interested in the other boards that you will be putting up for sale when you have pictures available. I would like to purchase all the boards that I told you about in my first message (I hope you can identify them based on my descriptions). Thank you very much for your time and quick response.
jelenityjelenity on January 15th, 2015 05:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Purchase request
Yeah! I got you! LOL. Hello Scott!

^____^ Your name sounds really familiar. You aren't in CA are you..?? Your collection sounds like it rivals my friends collection at the moment. Her's in like 5000 or so and then another 5000 in extras. She is selling off her entire collection, extras as well. Hence all the stuff I have. ^_^

I am going to go through your list and see what I have here from that box I took pics of for the sale so I can total you up and get you a stack going. In the mean time she has a ton of promo's boards zen-in boards, doujin boards, and older series boards, ect that are for sale from her collection and I have them all up on my ecrater shop. Please feel free to browse while I am looking for these for you...

The promo's are not going to be in the sale but you might find something you like. My direction shitajiki shop link is here I have 999 boards up currently. Please let me know if you find anything else you would like this round....

Jelenity aka Jenny~
collector_scott on January 17th, 2015 09:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Purchase request
Hi, sorry I couldn't reply back faster. Yes, I'm in California and I have done business with you several times in the past which has always been fun and easy. I'm having a much harder time finding shitajiki sellers. Most businesses that still sell them only have old left over stock which they never replenish and don't get new items. Even several of my favorite Japanese sellers are gone now. That leaves ebay as my primary purchasing point. It's comforting to see people like you still sticking with it.
For your question on the boards you couldn't identify, what I did was print the screen at 100% size and just started numbering from the 1st picture. I noticed that if I change the screen size trying to see the pictures better, it changes the placement of those pictures so it may look different for everyone.
The boards you said you could not identify are:
58-Lost Universe
59-Infinite Ryvius
62-Hyper Police
64-Hunter x Hunter
65-Hunter x Hunter
So we should just forget the numbers I tried to identify them with and I will try to describe them for you.
The Lost Universe and Infinite Ryvius appear next to each other. I think the Lost Universe is the only one in this section. Hyper Police is also I believe the only one and it appears right below Irresponsible Captain Tylor. For Hunter x Hunter, there is a board that is shaded red showing four faces and the board next to it is a group pose of them sitting. It is these 2 boards I want.

I would also like to add 3 more boards to my order. These are all in the 3 for $18 section.
1)Chrno Crusade (I believe it is only one, but a large moon is in the background)
2)Trigun-Maximum Nicholas Wolfwood
3)Ah! My Goddess - Beldandy in blue with birds (I think because it is hard to see, but it is to the right of a board I do have and can identify which is Ah! My Goddess Banpei-Kun Marine Parts Movic 0993).
Thank you again for your fast reply.
jelenityjelenity on January 18th, 2015 12:29 am (UTC)
Re: Purchase request
Hey there Scott! No worries I figured you were busy working ^_^ I really miss Ca from the aspect of Food and all the international destinations: Little Korea, Japan Town, China Town , ect. I have major withdrawals from it for the last several years. LOL. I am glad I am here for you but goodness have you been around a while. ^_^ It good to see you around and online again.

Ok I finally got all the boards from the first order found and aside for you. ^_^ Did you change your mind on the one board of the Sister Princess I think it was (12 girls on front) $6 ?? If so let me know so I can put if back out.

The New boards you are adding are as follows...
Chrono Crusade -
Trigon Maxium & Ah My Goddess ... The only thing is the board you identified with a board code/description is the one of them underwater. The one to the right of that is Belldandy in a yellow dress with a blue sky. Birds and ribbon are all around her. Is this the correct board..? You mentioned Belldandy in Blue with birds. I don't see a board where she is wearing blue with birds.

So if the 3 add ons are correct Plus the sister princess boards I have a total of 25 Shitajiki
2-Galaxy Angel
3-El Hazard
7-Martian Successor Nadesico
9-Mamotte Shugogetten!
10-Mamotte Shugogetten!
11-Unknown Name
12-Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
13-Alice 19th
14-One Piece
15-Irresponsible Captain Tylor
16-One Piece
17-Lost Universe
18-Infinite Ryvius
19-Hyper Police
20-Hunter x Hunter
21-Hunter x Hunter
22-Sister Princess 12 girl panel white background
23-Chrno Crusade(large moon) transparent Fijimi collectible promo
24-Trigun-Maximum Nicholas Wolfwood
25-Ah! My Goddess
$108.00 total.
$6.10 Priority Mail bubble mailer.

I am waiting for these to come in from the PO. As soon as I have them delivered to me I will package these up for you and ship out. I had not realized I was out of these mailers.

So if that is going to do it for you for now please let me know if you would like me to notify you when I have an update on the shitajiki?? When I have them I can message you through here or via email when you send the payment over.

For Paypal you can send the payment to me here (Edit as needed) blossomfairy[AT]serendipity-collections[DOT]com

Please note inside the payment message section the following info...
* Priority bubble mailer shipping
* Purchase of 25 shitajiki from Live Journal under LJ User: Collector_Scott

This way when I mail it I can notify you. I will set these aside until the mailers arrive.

jelenityjelenity on January 15th, 2015 08:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Purchase request
Hey Scott!

I updated this thread with some more items... just FYI