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~ Vampire Knight sketches for sale

Hello to all once again!
^_^ Since Yamato Nadeshiko sketches are so abundant and I maxed out the thread size for LJ on them, I decided to make a separate thread for Vampire Knight production artwork. This is that thread!


I am helping a friend sell off her collection items. These pieces are currently in my possession and are in my house and have been scanned by me. DO NOT Take the SCANS Please!! I am doing these in rounds and this happens to be the Vampire Knight sketch sets. Those of you who have never heard of me can take note from the fact I am listing all my feedback locations here so you can feel comfortable in transacting with me for these items.

** Please note for the sake of keeping loading time a bit easier I am keeping the pics smaller. As such some artwork will not show it's true beauty when this small. For sketches that I think need it for detail viewing I have taken the liberty of darkening the scans using Photoshop and or cropping them.
** Larger pics are available but please note all artwork is larger in part than my actual scanner as such there are many sketches that have a portion of the sheet not showing on scans below.
** Apologies for the couple of crooked and/or scuffed scans I have below. O_0 It was late, I was tired, and I thought they were straight and I didn't realize my scanner was not clean like I thought it was >_<;;
** I did get lazy and some if not many of these may have been scanned while inside the mylar bags.

But first I have some rules...
Image Prices are fixed. She will NOT go any lower. Please DO NOT ASK for a discount.
Image All sketches come from smoke free homes. But both the owner & I have Cats
Image Items have been stored & will arrive to you (the buyer) in Mylar sleeves.
Image All items are in excellent condition and come in darn near pristine condition in many cases.
Image From what she was told she is or should be the ONLY person with the bulk of the sketches from this series. Supposedly the others were destroyed.
Image All the items are sold complete or as complete as she was given them by the vender who sold them.
Image My ship days tend to be Wed & Saturdays.
Image Please make sure of your purchases!! No refunds & no exchanges are allowed
Image I can and will combine shipping to ALL BUYERS for one price! I will need a country (if you are overseas) when you inquire so as to get you the correct info.

drops_03bPlease note I will ONLY Mail these with either Priority Mail, International Priority Mail, or Express mail (I believe this option has a box as well) I will NOT mail out using any cheap shipping methods since most artwork needs to be kept flat inside the box to prevent damage to items.
drops_03b Exception to the rules: Yamato sketch sets are thick so many multiples of those will go inside and be shipped in a priority box as a box and not flattened.

~ Payment info
drops_03bPaypal ONLY!!
drops_03bBuyer pays paypal fee or sends payment as gift.
drops_03bShipping is additional to every order and is based off total weight and destination.
drops_03bOrders inside US will get Tracking on all orders! Overseas options will vary but will have the info supplied as orders come in.
drops_03bInsurance is optional AND is buyers responsibility! I highly suggest you purchase this for every order!

~ Feedback Info...
~❤~ E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
~❤~ E-crater: [url][/url]
~❤~ My LiveJournal: [url][/url]
~❤~ Serasell:
~❤~ GSJ new:
~❤~ GSJ older:

I currently have a few odd balls on ebay.. for cheap the link for those is here -->

~  Update 1 ~

~ VK #1 Cut 90
Comes with 3 Correction, 7 genga, and 1 copy layout
Price: $35.00


~ VK Group
Comes with 2 Genga, and 1 copy layout.
Price: $30.00


~ VK Zero
Comes with 1 layout and 5 genga
Price: $30.00


~ VK Ep 17 Cut 295
Comes with 1 layout, 4 genga, 1 Correction
Price: $35.00


~ VK Ep 11 Cut 168
Comes with 3 pen genga (folded) and 1 Pan layout.
Price: $40.00


~ VK A1 Aido
Comes with 2 corrections, 2 genga, and 1 layout
Price: $25.00


~ VK Ep 12 Cut 59
Comes with 5 genga (1 is a pan & folded), 2 shusei genga, 1 layout.
Price: $25.00


~ VK Episode 12 Cut 58
Comes with 1 layout and 4 genga & shusei genga
Price: $25.00


~ VK
Comes with 2 genga and 2 corrections
Price: $30.00


~ VK Close up Zero
Comes with 1 layout, 2 Genga and 2 shusei genga
Price: $50.00


~ VK Kanime
Comes with 4 shusei genga
Price: $25.00


~ VK Ep 2 Cut 295
Comes with 1 pan layout, 1 genga pan, and 1 correction
Price: 30.00


~ VK Ep14 Cut 11
Comes with 1 layout and 7 genga
Price: $35.00


~ VK Ep 5 Cut 122
Comes with 1 layout and 13 genga
Price: $45.00


~ VK Ep 10 Cut 17
Comes with 1 layout, 3 genga, and 2 correction
Price: $50.00


~ VK Episode 13 Cut 260
comes with 1 layout and 2 shusei genga
Price: **SOLD OUT**


~ VK Episode 12 Cut C70
Comes with 5 correction/ shusei genga, 1 layout, and 6 genga
Price: **SOLD OUT**


~ VK Episode 13 Cut 225
Comes with 3 genga, 2 shusei genga, and 1 layout
Price: $45.00


~ VK Episode 13 Cut 166
Comes with 1 layout, 1 genga, and 1 shusei genga (A1 Book End!)
Price: $45.00


~ VK Episode 2 Cut 37
Comes with 1 layout and 7 genga
Price $45.00


~ VK Episode 14 Cut 272
Comes with 1 genga, 1 layout, and 1 shusei genga
Price: $45.00


~ VK Episode 1 Cut 36
Comes with 2 shusei genga, 3 genga, and 1 copy layout.
Price: $65.00











Tags: collectibles, douga, genga, japanese animation artwork, production artwork, vampire knight
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