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~☆ Furoku Stationary ☆~ **UPDATE: 6/6/12**

B-Wanted stationary set w/misc disc items (erasers??) $6
Fruits Basket clear mascot stationary & holder $8
Baby Love stationary set $10
Takamagahara Stationary set $10
For You in Full Blossom & fruits basket stationary set $8

Oresama Teacher stationary set $3.50
Yami no Matsuei Stationary set $8
Yami no Matsuei Memo Board $6
Fruits Basket $2
Tears of sheep Stationary set $3.50

Old Stationary set w/ clear bubble envelopes $4
Ciao Cafe Menu 2006 Memo letter set w seals $6
Fate/ Stay night & Kamichu Postcard set $2.50
Arina Tanemura series Post Card set $8
Postcard set of 4 $4

Kare Made love letter set $8 
Gakuen Alice Postcard & magnet set $10
All Star Notebook Kaikan Phrase, & other series postcards & more $8
Kyo Kara Maou postcard set $4.50

Let's Get Married stationary set $5
Cyber Idol Pink & other series stationary set! $6
Misc series Memo/Stationary set $2

Post card set (8 pieces) $7
Ribon Postcard set 6 Piece $6
Hana Yume post card set of 6  $6
Gundam Suit 00 stationary set $5

The Fav of Mr Butler postcard and stationary set $5
Fruits Basket Mini mascott punch clip set $8
For You in Full Blossom letter set $8

Gakuen Alice magnet set $8
Fruits Basket mascott postcard set $8
Pop-up Memo Calendar  $1.50
Ouran Host Club magnet set $8

Fruits Basket Stationary $4
Passion Girls Stationary sets $4
Misc series postcard set $3 

Ouran Host Club Calender/ postcards set (6 cards) $8
Hana to Yume Post card set (6 cards) $10 

Angel Sanctuary Postcard/ calender set of 4 $5
Watase Yuu postcard book $12

InuYasha Postcard book Postcard book / black & white (postcard pics to the right) 15 total $10
InuYasha Postcard book / Full color (postcard pics to the right) 15 total $10

~ Stationary & Notebooks

Baby Love Seara Café Time note $3
KM Love Flower Notebook $3
2006 Schedual Notebook $3
Gakuen Alice Stationary book $4

Ciao Friends Hard cover data file $6
Kiss of Rose Princess Stationary book $4
Cafe Bonheur $4
Ice Princess $3

Rhapsody in Heaven $4
Fruits Basket stationary book $3
Ashita no Nadja x-large memo book $4 
Mutekina Diva! $2.50

Cross notebook $6
Sailor Moon "S" $4
Sweets Memo $3
Sailor Moon "R" $3

Lucky Happy Notebook $4
Ouran Host Club $6
Full Moon Mitsuki-chan Kirakira Star Note $5
Ouran Host Club Lock on Your Heart $4

Nakayosi 2006 Hard book w stationary $6
Ribon 2007 Schedual book $6
Cute Girls 2006 Color pages $6
Love Berrish 
color pages $6

Milk Crown Lovers lg stationary book $5
Etoile "Cinderella" Note Book lg stationary book $4
Harukanaru Toki no Naka De foil stationary book with seals $6.50
Sailor Moon Card Album. 40/ doubled holds 80 cards $16

W Juliet Photo or card album zen-in promo $16
For You in Full Blossom aka HanaKimi large postcard/ photo album $15

Gakuen Alice Photo book $9
Kirarin Revolution 2007 album  $10
Full Moon wo Sagashita $10

Go with a Smile 1999 furoku photo album $10
Sarakoga Angels Special Holder (Photo/card) $4
Winter Post Card File Card/ Photo Album $6

Love Pop Photo Album $4
Sailor Moon mini album $5
Feverish Girl Photo Album $2

Charming Junkie Furoku Photo Album $5
Gokkun! Pucho Photo album $8
Sailor Moon address book  $16

Full Moon wo Sagashita: Med planner,  4 dividers, 1 sticker storage book, 1 2004 diary memory ("My Memo") sheet, mini clip binder (add for holding paper with no holes,), 4 star shaped mascott paperclips, 1 zip pouch for storage, class & schedual sheet, several memo sheets, and every page and item is in full color!! $15  

La Cordo de Oro Book cover $3.50
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de book cover $2
Misc series Book cover $3
Kyo Kara Maou book cover $2

Teacher book cover $2
HanaKimi $3
Sho-comi series bookcovers $4

Gakuen Alice 2004 mini planner $2
Bleach thick color & embellished memo pad $6
Get Love! 2004 spiral mini binder $2.50
Naruto Metal/ magnet stationary set (large) $6

Cosmos Children Large bookcover $6
HanaKimi large bookcover $6
Code Geass thick plastic book cover $5

Milk Crown Lovers book cover $2
Pheromomania Syndrome Book cover $2

Book Cover various manga artists: Kaze Hikaru, Yasha, Kindan no Koide Ikou, Tsuiteru Kanojo  $2
Betsucomi book cover Hot gimmick, Royal 17, & more! $2

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