jelenity (jelenity) wrote,

New Furoku updates! Lots of items!

Picture intense mainly thumbnails. Will add more soon!

Bokura ga ita  zippered pouch ~ $10 **SOLD OUT**
M+M Pouch ~ $4
Blue Moon Blue zippered pouch ~ $6
Twinkle Stars (Like Singing A Song) - Author of Fruits Basket, zippered pouch- ~ $10

Full Moon wo Sagashita Shopping tote ~ $6
Fruits Basket gift bag ~ $5
Star Black & Gentleman's Alliance gym bag/ Event! ~ $5
Akuma na Eros Silver holiday bag ~ $3

Get Love x-lg plastic gym/ tote bag ~ $4
Delicious drawstring bag ~ $3
Dream Saga "Lunch Bag" ~ $6

Misc series bag lg drawstring gym bag ~ $6
Baby Love lg plastic drawstring bag: Tsumitate no Ichigo o do~zo ~ $8
Ashiteriuze Baby Med beach Bento bag/ thick plastic ~ $6
Milk Crown lover's Thick plastic double sided x-lg bag ~ $8

Gakuen Alice Large beach tote ~ $8
Caramel Kiss large textured tote bag ! $10
Delicious I love bear tote bag ~$6.

Machamote bag ~ $8
Charming Angel box ~ $5
Rose Girl plastic storage case ~ $7

Mechamote Lincho pencil box with goodies ~ $10

20 All Star (32 page??) seal & mini memo book (All series) ~ $10  **SOLD OUT**

M+M tissue pack & M+M bag/pouch ~ $5

Mermaid Melody aka Pichi Pichi Pitch
Keychains from Japan $3.50 each.


Fruits Basket Mini mascott punch clip set ~$8
Gakuen Alice Postcard & magnet set ~$10.
Hana Yume post card set of 6  ~$6
Ribon Postcard set 6 Piece ~$6

Fruits Basket and HanaKimi zen-in clear posters $25 each

.Gundam Seed Food furoku coaster $4
Gundam Seed Food furoku coaster $4
Hikaru no Go Door plaque/ hanger $12
Full Metal Alchemist Alphonse Elric talking keychain $10
Full Metal Alchemist Riza Hawkeye talking keychain $10

Cutie~n  Mirror comb combo compact $2
Nakayosi 50th Anniversery ring watch $5
Ouran Host Club Mascot cloth w/ initial fastener $10
Koge Donbo UFO plush $9
Chobits/ white Chii UFO catcher $15

Kenshin figures (clear) Pic 1
Set (as shown) $30
Kenshin figures (clear) pic 2
Singles $6 each........


Kenshin (color figures) pic 1
$28 (set as shown)...

.Ouran Host clear postcards $16 (set of 4)
.Fruits Basket clear postcards $30 (set of 6)

.Yami no Matsuei clear postcards $15 (Set of 3)

.Fushigi Yuugi clear postcards $40 (set of 8)

Hana Kimi clear postcard $15 (Set of 3)

Gakuen Alice sticker bling mascot ~ $3
Saki Hiwatari manga series: color mini memo pad with standee cover ~ $2.50
Gokujyoi Mechemote Linche prism binder (stationary, sticker keeper pages, address (color!!) ~ $7

Fruits basket Fortune card/ tarot set
Comes w/ cards shown ( 45 character cards + several cards w/ writing/ sayings on them (not shown) & a case for storage. $12

Kuroshitsuji Trump Cards $13
Code Geass (CLAMP) Trump deck $13

Rosen Maiden Trump deck $13
Dr Rin series Tarot/ fortune cards! $20 set of 18 or $1.50 each

Tsubasa Chronicle Trump Deck $15.
Gakuen Alice Trump Deck  $10


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