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~✖✖ I accept the following payment ✖✖~
Postal Money Orders only.
I will ship internationally (where the PO permits it)
Payment by Paypal (any form of paypal) is fine.
If buyers pay paypal fees or send payment as "gift" I will add delivery confirmation to your package free.
Shipping is extra to totals.

Please inquire using your zipcode or country


Please ask for shipping quotes ONLY on items you ARE GOING TO BUY

If there is a problem with your order when it arrives please let me know so I can look into seeing if it is fixable or not. Please leave feedback after you get your items. Feedback can be found on my LJ page at the top.

Shipping Info:
I can and will ship overseas.
Buyers are responsible for payment of shipping options.
I will supply ALL related and availible shipping options the post office gives me. ..

Please note we are NOT currently (as of this post) in a holiday season but that when we are, that packages will take longer to get to you and in some cases may be in limbo at the Postal Offices as it is in route. After packages are mailed out, I am not responsible for them. I recomend Delivery Confirmation and Insurance on any and all packages!! Occasionally packages can come back with missing postage or a missing address thanks to tape as the packages are bundled into the Postal offices.

If and when that happens I will try and repack and remail items out as soon as *my schedual* allows for it. I will notify you the buyer should that happen one way or another. Please note If I am away from home it may take a couple days for me to know about these packages.

E-mail me if you have any additional questions!

Trading Card pics from tons of Sailor Moon cards sets and info can be found at this lovely link:

I am going through and listing more of my personal collection of Sailor Moon and other series goods. I am hoping to find these some nice, new, loving homes.. Please e-mail me with any questions that ARE NOT already answered....

~✖✖ Trading Cards
All cards are in mint condition unless otherwise noted.
~❤ All cards are either from my personal collection or from my extras. Though about 3/4ths are from my personal collection.
~❤ Most all cards have pricing for your convience.
~❤ Anything that says "offers" means just that. But please make them serious offers. Many cards are RARE that have this.
~❤ DO NOT ask or order anything you CAN'T Pay for, within a couple of days. It's annoying and I will be ticked.
~❤Paypal and Postal Money Orders only!!
~❤Set sales will get priority. Most sets I will NOT break. However, on some I might if I get enough people wanting them as singles

~✖✖ Furoku items
~❤ All items are mint condition, unless noted otherwise.
 Many bag sets of items are in what I call "out of tankobaun condition". Meaning casual creasing, dents ect CAN be on items since they bind and bag things together within the manga and some of those things are sharp, rough, bulky ect
~❤ Anything listed as Damaged is just that. If it's minor damage I will note it. Same with major damage.

~❤ Conditions for boards are as follows.. *Pristine Mint,  *Mint, *Near mint, *Damaged
~❤ Pristine Mint: Has no light scratches or damage that is abnormal. Perfect condition
~❤ Mint: May have a few light scratchs or scuff marks (The normal, most frequently issued condition when they come out of manga)
~❤ Near Mint: May have many smaller light scratches scuffing to board surface
Damaged: Dents, dings, severe scratches and scuffs

** Pixelmari scammer info with screencaps are below.
Other current names:

* None of them have been photoshopped in any way. I just made them slightly smaller for loading.
* Any questions let me know. This is the condensed version of the issues with her....

At this point I had posted a reply to someone's sale post asking if I had anything they would like in trade for the Sailor Moon DVD sets they had for sale. This (below) is a screencap of a LJ message I got in reply to my message from pixelmari. She later deleted it but since you can't delete any inbox messages unless you are the owner of them I was able to screencap my delivered personal message that came from LJ.

Funny thing is that she replied to me but both myself and the origional poster of the message/thread got the same exact reply that she made to me. So I have a witness and proof hand in hand of harrassment...

From there pixel decided to poke me with yet another proverbial stick. This time in another thread I created for sales feedback on my journal. This is screencap below... Again more harrassment from her end. This was done because I had reported her to the MODS for Serasell about her abuse.


The above 2 screencaps came from my feedback section which can be still viewed here as I did not delete them. There is also another reply from her right after that I did not screencap but it should still be there ->

If you notice both her IP from my thread and the IP from the serasell message both have the exact same IP. Again more proof. and alas her IP matches those down below in her order inquirees. At this point she had a ban in the group for her actions and was warned about making trouble again.

Then she posted this (below) on her LJ account...

After she went crazy stalker on me for refusing her the items and refunding her the same amount she sent to me which was less then what I invoiced.  I decided to do a search and found that she, under the same username (Real Name, address, city & state) copied real collectors animation cels and tried to sell them several years ago through e-bay. Because I don't like playing the fool and I don't like having others ripped off I started asking in the cel forum about her and I have 16 or 17 screen caps of convo's that took place with one of the owners of the animation cels she copied and sold as a real cel years ago, that included her adding in the cel sequence info on the item(s) she made and resold them. At the time this happened in the past the collectors who had their real works stolen and copied were notified and they, the real owner of the actual cels, went straight to e-bay and had them removed from auctions. Her account was banned at that point if I remember correctly from e-bay. But she just created a new one.

In this same set of screencaps (refrenced with above info) I have links to (at the time) active auctions of hers and sales on her journal calling her sketches genga and douga. She never answered the potential buyers about them being authentic and when she could not see from the site she moved to e-bay with same motive. Because these screencaps have her personal info: name, addy, ect. I can't post them here. If you need them let me know.


~ The below screencaps were taken directly from her LJ PUBLIC Site/thread and saved on my computer where she was activly trying to sell her sketches and cels as real. She eludes to the fact they are real. She is asked multiple times and she never says not once, "I am not sure if they are real or fake,"
"I do not know if they are used in production," but she also doesn't come out and say they are fake. Which leads to the buyers potentually buying something they think is real but is really fake.  (see screencaps below)

Take note (I think it's funny) she screws with sending me payment, delays transaction, wants a discount that is defunct and she wants someone to pay her promptly ? You get what you give. Can't talk it then don't screw with others. Karma can always come back to you.


*** And here is her thread on her journal where she posted having genga and douga for sale. Note she is looking for offers... which is fine....  BUT not when you won't and don't disclose if they are real or fake, and you won't answer the question outright when asked.

Did you notice how when asked she doesn't say they are fake or authentic? She chose her words carefully in a way and if you are familiar with this type of item why not say so.. The same thing can be said for those that don't. You simply say "I do not know if they are authentic so I can't say for sure." But did she? No. She doesn't and eludes to them being more real then fake just to sell them. (see below)

Hell all anime cels are painted people. I know newbies may not know the cel and sketch terminology but still. As for cel sheets these can go by numerous names depending on how they were made and why. Just stating that they are printed well. in the US we Print when we write so to many a person it can be taken to mean they are drawn. If they are copies say copies. Hell say they are machine produced copies. Say they are studio copies. Copies will definately look like you printed them from a printer and the paper is completely different when you have studio art vs printed paper. So there are visible differences that can be told apart by just looking. So to someone new to collecting this type of info can be very misleading.

The longer version of the order(s) she placed that she tried to screw with me over MONTHS is below. This is the 2nd half of the order time frame. This took place during a sales post by her reguarding her DVD sets. This shows some screencaps but again it's not all of them. If you want time frames ect look to the top of this post I have it in screencaps as it was submitted and verified by the MODS from Serasell. If I added all those then I honestly don't think anyone would be able to access this post because of the load time. LOL.


Thats it for now in a nut shell. I ask all buyers to be careful around this seller. You never know what you are going to get or in her case may never see at all. I offer my experience. My proof. Screencaps are literally worth a thousand words each. Use your best judgement...

As a side note this is just how nutty she can be... I just got this message a couple days ago..


She sent this same message to everyone she ticked off from serasell. Notice she is under a new name.
This info was sent into the new group for serasell and we now know she has accessed the group with what she says is multiple accounts from way back when. Here is my proof of that and her new antics....


Guys and girls read and take note. Dealing with this person is a risk and should be done at buyers discression. I will be more then happy to answer any questions but I will not offer any positive things to say since the start of this order mess with her.

She is a scammer, con artist and a pain in collectors ass's. But that is my personal opinion and you know what they say about opinions..? Just like everything else we all have at least one, this one just happens to be mine.

And if nothing I have shown you has proven anything to you, the reader, then feel free to check out the next new thing she has to say. 


Alas, with all this vindictiveness one would wonder why the heck she even bothered with the 12 step anything. Generally that's really for people who want to change and be better then what they have proven they have been of late. But that is not you and with this new round of attacks I am proven once again you never wanted to be a better person. It's obvious that it's not working or it was a fake attempt to get people to feel sorry for you. So hats off to you once again Pixel/RoseBride/Glittergaragesale and all future name changes, for just repeatedly showing us all how stupid, inept, corrupt, and contemptuous you can really be.

My post is ment to back up my personal dealings with you for others to see. You have stepped over the line many a time with many of us collectors, sellers, and buyers and we are fed up. But freedom of speech is availible for us, just as it is to you, to express our first hand accounts which are based in FACT. As such this info is ment as a guide to deal with you with lots of caution or from my perspective, not at all. I can't stop who shopes with you. But I can make people think to keep themselves safe from potential harm.

Wow it's never ceases to amaze me. Pixel, I admit you have major nerves to keep doing this and at the same time wanting forgiveness from me and others over what you have done. When the day comes and you truly decide that you really do want to change then you will also need to make a good and let go of all those items that you stole from people including their hard earned money. At that time let me know. We can talk forgiveness and forgetting then.

And just to clarify.. I am not bullying anyone. I never have. I am using my amendment right to freedom of speech. And I am trying to help bring awareness to those who enter into orders with you to watch out for your antics. Nothing more and nothing less. People have brains for a reason. It's up to each individual to make choices. And sometimes those choices are based on what others experiences are. My experiences with you have been annoying to say the least.
* You have harrassed myself and my family in your tiraids,
* You have harrassed me via feedback posts on my Livejournal
* You have also harrassed me using your personal Livejournal account.
* Instead of using facts and non threatening verbage you have chosen to let loose your tongue and use foul language time and time again.
*You have threatened to knowingly change your IP's, ect all with the thrill in mind to get into the group and get merchandise that would otherwise go to an actual collector who love's these items over someone who just wants a trophy case so they can glout.

As to your video... Well I definately don't buy it and won't until you truly change. Again I noticed you didn't address..
1) Identity theft of a group member & you passing yourself off as her, and actively using her photo to gain access to LJ groups?
2)  How about your auction that says "the new locket is from my private collection" We know it's not since it's a new release and they are on backorder. You don't own the item until you pay for it and it's in your hands. So once again a lie. Private collection my ass. If it was it would not be on preorder..?

I see and hear your apology to me and a few others but you know what? You obviously forgot about what all you did to me and others. YOU harrassed ME, used foul language in all your messages to me and others, AND continued to mess with me. I do not like you and I sure as hell won't sell to you if I know its you. So get your items from someone else.


To one and all, Especially Mary if you are reading this. The big girl thing to do if you are TRULY sorry and want to change is ......

1) Make a list & find the info, through your paypal payments, e-mails, for every transaction you had w/ someone that you scammed over the last several years. (Learn to use excel as you will kill several trees while printing all the info)
2) From there refund them in full w/ shipping included on all those purchases.
3) Inside those refunds you should personally enclose a note detailing your past intentions & what you are now doing to correct them. (that 5 step only works IF you do a detailed sweep & correct all of your wrongs)
4) Ask for forgiveness of each of those persons to whom you ripped off.

You will never be truly sorry nor make up for years of scams in any other way. Your video is just that, a video. Once again you make excuse after excuse for your actions & yet you don't address your personal, vindictive, flat out lies. Stop placing the blame on others like Killme, Tsuki, and myself. Take and make yourself accountable for your actions.

* Did we make you steal? NO

Last time I checked I lived in a whole other state and I can't stand you just based on your activities.

* Did we make you lie? NO

Last time I checked we each have a brain and I can't control yours.

* Did we go and send people empty boxes? NO

No we didn't. It's your items, your house, your hands that package items up. You should have been able to tell you were packaging an empty box.

* DId we make copies of the items others had so you could resell? NO

Nope not us. We are honest sellers and collectors who actually believe in helping people.

* Did we give you a photo of a long time member and tell you use it? HELL NO!

Things on the internet are accessible to all but everyone w/a brain knows you can't, shouldn't, and aren't supposed to use another's identity. That is Identity theft and it's against the law. For you to have taken a pic of you/ your hand holding a sign for application to the group & then photoshop that onto an existing photo of another person is flat out wrong. That person you paraded as yourself could have been and no doubt was hurt by your actions.

* Did we make you pass yourself off as a very attractive Asian woman in another forum? NO

Uh.... no. Again you did that & if I remember correctly you even mentioned things that were more personal that led people to believe you were the person in the pic. From that someone recognized you as a liar.

* Did I know who you were back when you started scamming people on cel forums? NO

Nope. I found that out after you stalked me & harrassed me. I decided then to see if you were new to scamming & found out you were scamming for quite a while.

* Did I make you drag my husband, Killme herself, or Tsuki kids through slander? NO

Uh, let's think, NO. Again your brain, your mouth, your fingers, your thoughts. All controlled by you. (Unless I am a puppet master & learned this art magically overnight then I nor anyone else made you do this.) Instead of reflecting on your wrongs you decided to take it out on us. THAT is what ultimately got you banned.

* DId artisans on Diviant Art & Serasell allow you to use their artwork & then SELL it to others as your work?? NOPE

You did all those things.
You & only you.
You got busted and all this and more with solid proof.

As a matter of fact YOU have tried time & time again to gain access to the group w/the sole purpose to see what we were up to & possibly scam others yet again.

As far as I am concerned I will never forget about you or your scamming. You are offensive, derogatory, childish, irrational, & above all a pain in the ass of every animation collector out there. If I have to be on patrol around new collectors to make them aware of you then so be it.

Until you apologize: do it properly & completely to correct all your wrongs for so many years of wronging many of your collecting peers then I can safely say most of them will never forget nor possibly forgive you.

I can only hope you actually learn something from everyone's comments on this group and others who are now aware of your most recent move.

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