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Thanksgiving wishes to all......

Hello one and all! I would like to wish everyone a very wonderful, very happy, and very safe Thanksgiving both in and out of the US.  In my Holiday maddness If I miss messages then I am going to appologize in advance. I have a very busy week ahead of me. Lots of cooking, shopping and family gatherings are on the horizon for next week. I have some very important updates for everyone to take note of.

 Shitajiki & Trading Card sale ends on Monday evening. Monday the 24th at 11pm is the cut off for orders with discounts.
 Starting right now & ending on Nov 30th I am having a sale on all Furoku items only!
Zen-in items, HanaYori Dango items and some Sailor Moon items (since these are not an actual Furoku items) will not be on  sale.  Anything that is a regular furoku item from the magazines will be as follows......
       15% off orders of $25+
       20% off orders of $50+
       25% off of orders of $100 or more!

Examples of non Furoku items are the Sailor Moon stampers, BandAid Tins, (Boxed) Dr Rin Tarot set, Sailor Moon metal mascot clips, & boxed Hana Yori Dango items. None of these items came from a magazine: hence they are not Furoku. You had to buy them at either a store, event, as a zen-in ect. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail and I will be glad to help identify or clarify ect for you.

Also incase you (any of you) are into hand crafted items Please drop by my Etsy shop and view my hand made Jewelry items.  I have a few new items I will be updated to Etsy tonight and tomorrow.


Tags: anime sale, etsy, furoku, furoku sale, handmade jewelry, thanksgiving
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